Race Night 2023

Join the club for its 1st fund raising event of 2023.


New Members to the Pride

Three new members have joined Hereford Lions Club, and are already well established and getting involved in the work of Lions across the City, Welcome Lions!
Lions New Member

Andy Bradley. Liz Jones and Chris Davies

If you would like to talk to Lion Sian Bayliss, our new members officer, about becoming a Lion, contact her on 01432 359640 to find out more.


Hereford Lions Club's annual golf tournament launched 40 years ago at Herefordshire Golf Club was last Friday with 173 players in fours (one in a three). The golf founder, Denzil Biggs of Fownhope was still playing at 94.
The main winning team with 116 points was from the left: Garth Lewis, Ken Ford, Nick Rider, Lions president presenting their awards, Richard Ford, Tom Chardwick
The runner up team with 115 points was John Thomas, Clive Price, Mike Lloyd and James Hardman.
The ladies winning team were: Gill Boase, Kay Eames, Fran Ward, Carola Beavan
golf winner 2022


Hereford Lions club has been taking young teenager s, mostly schoolboys to an international youth soccer tournament in Holland since 1975, with four age groups, the eldest under 18’s.
The lads have often won enough points to come home with the overall tournament title. Well over 2,000 have played over the years, several becoming professionals. Recently girls were included in their own teams.
After the two years pandemic lockdown, more than sixty players and eight managers and trainers returned to Holland for the first week of June and came home with the trophy for most points accumulated in the tournament. The under 17 boys won 11, drawn 1, scoring 26 conceded 2. Zac Bruton was player of the tournament. Players player: Mason Godsall and top goal scorer Harley Morris on 8.The under 15 girls team won 5 and drew 2. Player of the girls tournament was Molly Camden.
The Dutch team will be coming as usual to Hereford in October to play the local teams.


For Queen Elizabeth’s sixty year on the Throne Hereford Lions Club planted 60 trees along Roman Road. To mark her 70,th the year now being celebrated the Lions Club chose to donate two seats surrounded by three trees on Aylestone Park, on the northern edge of the City with the superb support of the volunteer park team who installed the seats and trees. The park is highly popular and the ‘royal’ seats give a stunning view of the Lugg valley.
Lions press officer, George Thomas said: “The plaques on the seats clearly explain her Majesty deserves the honour imposed on behalf of the people of Hereford. The Queen, together with the late Prince Philip has made several visits to the City since she was Crowned, the last for the Diamond Jubilee in 2020 which was the best ever.”

With the seats are: Lion Sian Bayliss, club president and Alistair Gibb, chairman of the park volunteer team.


Hereford Lions Club has delivered a selection of mobility aids to Hereford Help Ukrainians, welcoming refugees arriving in the county. Lion Terry Williams said: “The refugees will mostly be mothers and children, but some elderly amongst them might be disabled and need support.”
The volunteers are well prepared with a warehouse full of clothes and everything else the refugees,
now close to 300 total will need. The group leader Dean Granger said: “We had already made 14 trips with vital supplies to the Ukrainian border and now we are ready to support the refugees as they arrive in the county.”

The refugee volunteer helpers and Lions share a moment.


The latest new member to join Hereford Lions Club is Paula Kemp who works within the Government (left) together with President Lion Sian Bayliss
who inducted her to the club and Diana Stevens, her sponsor. New members are always welcomed. Contact Sian.

Screenshot 2022-04-09 at 07.54.50


Hereford Lions Club has donated £5,000 to pay for a dog currently being trained to eventually assist a city blind person. The dog has already been given the name Leo. The Lions President, Sian Bayliss presented the c heque at a club meeting to Vicki Manley, herself blind, secretary of the Hereford Guide Dog for the Blind.

Screenshot 2022-04-09 at 07.53.02
Sian hands over the donation to Vicki.